Abraham Lincoln, a new biography

lincoln with glasses illustration
American civil war President Abraham Lincoln Point of Rocks Maryland
This Civil War pass was signed by President Lincoln on behalf of Goose Creek Meeting Quaker Samuel M. Janney. The pass allowed Janney to travel into Union occupied areas without hindrance from Union military forces. Lincoln knew Janney, and trusted the Quakers of Loudoun County, Virginia.

A new biography of Abraham Lincoln is published and it gives real insight into the all consuming issue of slavery and our nation’s crossroads: do we extend slavery throughout the land, from sea to sea? Or, do we end the poisonous scourge that was destroying our nation, body and soul? It was a battle over which Lincoln struggled for decades, long before the first artillery at Ft. Sumpter in April 1861.

The book is called Summoned to Glory The Audacious Life of Abraham Lincoln. It is by Richard Striner, who does a wonderful job allowing us to see Lincoln as human rather than an idealized hero of American politics. At the same time, Striner brings Lincoln to life for us by including Lincoln’s own speeches and letters. Importantly, the book’s focus is on Lincoln’s determination to destroy the institution of slavery.

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