Goose Creek Meeting’s Special Guests

Just as the Quakers in Lincoln often traveled to distant towns and cities to see family, attend Society of Friends’ services, and strengthen religious ties, so too did visiting Quakers come to Lincoln. Most American Quakers lived in northern states. Coming to the South served the purpose of not only allowing them to see extended family and friends, but also encouraged Lincoln Quakers by offering ministry and, importantly, show support in the national Quaker stance against slavery. 

Edward Hicks and the Peaceable Kingdom

Edward Hicks, the primitive artist and Quaker minister, came down from Pennsylvania to Lincoln, Virginia.


Lucretia Mott

old quaker woman

Lucretia Mott visited Lincoln in 1842. A page will be devoted to her visit but is not yet posted. Both Hicks’ and Mott’s visits occurred when the village of Lincoln was referred to as ‘Goose Creek,’ or ‘Goose Creek Meeting.’


Susan B. Anthony

american suffragette women vote

Susan B. Anthony spoke on the topic of women’s suffrage at the Quakers’ Goose Creek Meetinghouse in the village of Lincoln, Virginia, on Wednesday, March 5, 1895.