Map of Lincoln and nearby landmarks

Eugene Scheel is a mapmaker and historian living in Waterford, Virginia. Waterford is a Quaker village only a wagon ride away from Lincoln. Below is a section of Mr. Scheel’s Loudoun County map; it shows many of the places discussed on Nest of Abolitionists. Here is information about Mr. Scheel and his maps:  Loudoun County map and biography 

Locations of various sites mentioned on Nest of Abolitionists are shown below: Lincoln village/Goose Creek Meeting, Watson’s Mill, Springdale school, Circleville farm, as well as sites such as Forest Mills, the mill run by Asa Moore Janney. Shenandoah River, about 16 miles away from Lincoln, is shown on the upper left, across the Blue Ridge Mountain range. 

Scheel map of quaker area in loudoun county (1)
Section of Loudoun county map showing Lincoln and surrounding farms and landmarks, courtesy of Eugene Scheel